Plus: Exploring why women leave the news industry, the effects of opinion labels, and susceptibility to disinformation
High-quality news may have outperformed misinformation in the pandemic's early days. Plus: studies on race in the newsroom, hostility from sources, and…
Plus: How news organizations work to repair their histories of racism, media criticism on TikTok, and what news consumers think about fact-checking
Plus: A more nuanced picture of misinformation on less-moderated platforms like Telegram, and a strategy for how journalists can transform 'fake news…
Plus: The role of class in news avoidance, how local party leaders use partisan media, and what native advertising studios say to sell their work
Plus: What 'vulture capitalism' does to local news quality, why judges' definitions of journalism matter, and how forgiveness offers a new way to think…
Plus: On the ground with journalists in Mexico, the digital divide among investigative journalists, and why ESPN became politicized
Plus: How newsroom ideology affects slant in the news, why burned-out/overworked reporters are quitting — and is the inverted pyramid still the way to…
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